Zirail instant remesher retopoflow - UV unwrapper

Hi I am new to this and I really hope I won’t bother the person that invented Nomad. I LOVE Nomad, it is an amazing tool and will have a great future for designer. I think a very important thing is that on would be able to do UV mapping. Befor you say No I wanted to ask if it would be possible to implement a retopo tool that has been used by other programs so far?
If it would be possible to do a retopo along curves so that the mesh will be clean at edges, I think that would be a great help. If I would do a Character with Eyes and a mouth it would be amazing to just draw circles around the eyes and the mouth that a retopo funktion would calculate the way around it. Anouther great thing would be to do loops with retopo. If that would be able to do like in the programs I mentioned the UV mapping could still be done in other 3D software like Maya or Blender or C4D or otheres. Maybe its to big to ask but I think the program Forger for iPad has a kinda UV mapping still in childs shoes.
I wish the designer for this program lots of luck and I really love the tool. If its to much to ask I can understand it. Programming isn’t easy at all.

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Zremesher-like and UV unwrapper are not planned for now.

If I see a robust, good and fast open-source implementation I will probably include it, but these 2 algorithms are complex (it’s also the reason why I don’t want to spend time on them, it would freeze nomad development for months).

For UV unwrapping maybe I’ll do something even the UVS are not really good. The main reason is Procreate, they are adding texturing capabilities. But I don’t know yet, it’s not high priority.


Thank you very much for the fast reply. I am sorry that it is really a lot to do this. I don’t know if instant meshes an open source programm is and if one can implement it.
But maybe in the future you will have the time and more people helping out. Nomad is a really handy tool and I am very happy to use it.
Have a good night. Thank you :slight_smile: