Polygroups. Plus masking and hiding polygroups

Is there any news about the inclusion of Polygroups ( or facesets ) + some additional options on them such as masking or hiding them?

Thanks so much and congratulations for the great job.

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There are options.
You can split a mesh via split tool or masking and settings to none.
After, you can simple merge, the splinted mesh again.
Now you have one object with separate connected Elements / Polygroups on which you can sculpt like one object.
Nomad 1.40 offers direct one tap selection of connected typology.

It‘s not Polygroups in all it‘s zBrush glory nor is there a coloured visual separation (which would be cool though-at least in wireframe mode) But it is offering surprising new options.
Remember - you can always split a simple merged mesh again. Use separate (Scene menu / object / three dots on right = separate)

In masking menu, you‘ll find some options known from Polygroups in zBrush.
I am always surprised what this tiny app is offering.

Edit: remember that you can hide masked area with eye icon on left bottom menu.


Polygroups not planned for now, maybe in the future but I can’t tell for sure for now.

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Just checking if there are news in this regard.

Thank you! :man_bowing:

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