Auto validate - solved uncheck Edit!

With mainly quick tube curve drawing in mind, auto validate should be useful for most actions validate is involved.
Draw one tube, adjust topology parameters and check „auto validate“. Now every tube will be auto validated til uncheck or switching tool.

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it can actually be used but as dangerous as not being on the correct layer in photoshop or procreate lol.

I would not see any danger. Autovalidate is immediately visible, in tiny info window on top. It exits itself when changing tool. No accidents possible.
It is for quick drawing tubes without accidentally grabbing path points previous path like here:

You can disable “edit” to avoid dragging the previous point.

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Thank you :flushed: I should have found that by myself, sorry.

But while we are talking about that. For quick drawing tubes, Snap only Start would be a helper. Best if one can define a snapping object and start tube stands on snapping object normals. This would be strong for mesh inserts as well.

But unchecking edit is exactly what I was looking for.

How to set tube geometry in Nomad version 1.54 as your tube curve?
I want to work with it still same setting all the time

I waiting for your answer

Hi, beermaya3D.

First, I am a normal user. The term “I am waiting for your answer” sounds more like an imperative order, than an polite question.
“Can’t wait for your answer” would sound less demanding.
But I am not a native speaker as well, and sometimes one is just worldly translating.
Not always a good idea :vulcan_salute:

Now to your question:

I DON’T KNOW : :flushed: :flushed: :flushed:
This seems not to work anymore.
Is there still a way to keep Start & end radius the same for following curves just by adjusting first curve?
Start radius seems to be transferred, but end radius is always same as start in next curve. Even when adjusted with tube geometry parameters and uncheck edit. But the check for same radius for start and end is unchecked on next tube. It seems that there is just a tiny bit of code not working anymore, responsible for handover end radius?

Hello, knacki

I’ m apologize. I 'm not native speaker and some word is problem to other.
Thank you for your suggestion.
And i 'm sorry again for mistake.


No problem, I was sure it was not your intention. I am happy if people help me in that case.

For the other question. I asked on discord. Saving start and end radius to keep it for next tube is broken. It will be fixed in next update, I guess.

Yup fixed for next release!