Add an EDIT PATH icon on the left tool bar

Hey guys, thanks for the great program you are designing.
From the user pow it’s really useful to keep editing a path without this validation limit.
Pls priorities this feature :slight_smile:

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Wdym, in tubes? Or something else?

Yes :slight_smile: tubes

You can continue to edit tubes and add points, as long as you don’t validate them. There is a path tool to draw the curve & you can reselect the tube to move the points / snap them to faces and so on. Then you can change the radius of the points in 3 different ways also. Very flexible tool

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The only things I’ve noticed around lathe/ tubes that I think could be fixed is the fact that your view doesn’t seem to center itself around those particular objects (likely because it’s a question of where the center if gravity is?)

The other issue i recently got around, big tip, using “edit” in lathe/tube allows for you to use gizmo without accidentally hitting nodes, vice versa.