Deform a tube while invalidated

I would love to be able to use the scale transform tools on an active/invalidated tube spline and/or have more tube shapes available to me. The result I am looking for is to have other shape options and moreso a custom shape option similar to how Blender extrudes shapes along a curve. The ability to customize this shape could allow me to make more things quickly and accurately. I use tubes for hair a lot, but the shape has to be deformed after it’s validated. Having this feature would be a game-changer I feel.


The Tube Tool has several shapes - triangle, square, etc. - change the topology before validating.

Custom shapes driven by a curve is planned.


Looking forward to it

Thank you Holger, that’s very helpful. I obviously was not aware of this. And thank you Stephomi for the feature update. I am very excited. Nomad is seriously the best!

is it included to your plan that this feature is can ba use in tube tool even if its non validated? If its included, i can make hair mesh easily😀