Primitive validation

Hi all. After creating and validating primitive i somehow able to go back seeing a validation menu. As if there is an option to toggle validation menu. I fail to understand how it happens but sometimes i really want to go back and revalidate. Change the shape of a tube for instance. The question now is how do i do that? Thank you for reading

Just hit UNDO after validating.

It will only work if i revalidate right away. If i am further in the sculpting then it wont work. I was hoping to revalidate at any arbitrary moment.

Nope. Sorry, not gonna happen. All the adjustments you make before validating a primitive are based on the basic shape of the object. You can change the size and the geometry and add holes etc. But once you have started sculpting on the object, there is no going back.

However, if you do not plan to sculpt on a primitive you can leave it in unvalidated state as long as you wish. For example if you want to use an object for boolean operations you can even clone the unvalidated object (the clone will be unvalidated as well) and manipulate the clone (keep in mind, that during a boolean operation all objects participating will be merged into a new one. so you might wanna keep clones of objects you wanna use later). Gizmo works for unvalidated primitives so feel free, to move, rotate and scale the clone to your liking.

But - as stated before - as soon as you apply a brush on an object you MUST validate it and there is no going back from this point.