New user confusion - Can't change primitive size after creation?

Hi all!

New to the app. seems powerful, but…

I feel silly. I can’t find others asking this question, so I know it must be obvious but I just spent a really frustrating hour digging and no luck. So let’s put right up front that I’m an idiot, but I could really use a hand with the software.

When you create a primitive you can directly edit the geometry. With boxes you can adjust each access.

However, once I click out of the primitive I lose that interface and can’t find it anywhere again. Once I click out of the primitive, there doesn’t seem to be a way to directly edit the size outside of handles on the gizmo… And those are imprecise.

Surely there is a way to directly edit dimensions, so that I can make several shapes of similar size without eyeballing. Can anyone help me find this part of the interface? Surely one can edit those parameters after creating the primitive.


The topology panel?

It’s there for the shapes that I validated. But not the shapes that I clicked out of before validating, which is a problem because new shaped often are created unselected. And once I click away from validation screen no way back?

Sorry, messing around more… I’m confused. Some are working some aren’t. But I am consistently getting shapes that I can’t resize as I try to build up multiple shapes and it’s killing me. I’ll try to figure out screenshots.

OK it’s once I validate a shape, that I lose the options in topology to resize. How do I resize after validating the primitive, directly by setting values instead of eyeballing with the scale tool? If it can’t be done in the software that’s fine - Just making sure I’m not missing it before turning into feature request and accepting that there’s no adjustment after validation unless you are eyeballing at current time.

You can’t, once an object is validated, you can sculpt it but you lose the the primitive-specific controls.

You can edit the transform manually in the Gizmo/Transform tool panel.
But it’s not as intuitive as the primitive sliders, and you won’t have the automatic topology density adjustment.

Thanks! That’s what I was afraid of. I can handle losing the auto topology adjustment, but it would be GREAT to be able to make 5 similar shapes and then use a number value to ensure they’re sized the way you think you’re seeing as you fiddle after sculpting. I’ll just adjust my order of operation.

I’ll shift this over to feature request! I appreciate the verification that I’m searching for something that’s not there yet.

Don‘t get your problem.
After validation use the Gizmos outer orange ring to resize.
For precise resizing, use Gizmo settings / scale.
There you can enter size with five numbers after comma.
Changing just last fifth number is almost invisible.
There is nothing more precise.
If you don‘t want to Uniform scale, uncheck uniform scale. Now you can enter a value for each, scale X,Y,Z
Transform is the same.

If you want to produce five similar primitives, duplicate five times before validation.
Why five times? Now you have six in total.
Last one is for backup. :sunglasses:

Or are you after something like this? :
In 3Ds Max you got a modifier stack. Lowest modifier for I.e. primitive Setting. Now you can put an edit poly on top, or three or other modifier.
Maybe that‘s what you are after?
But even there - as soon as you add geometry in one edit poly modifier, changing modifiers below will give unpredictable results.