Scale: 2 bugs?

When scaling a primitive I’ve noticed two things:

  • The Scale will tell you the scale you’re adjusting it to but
    – when you scale using the gizmo, the numerical value resets after releasing the gizmo (bad)
    – when using the numerical dialog box, the value holds at the scale you enter (good)

  • When scaling and then using the undo button, undo has different actions:
    – when scaling using the gizmo, UNDO undoes your change (good)
    – when scaling using the numerical dialog box, UNDO takes your object away instead of undoing the change (bad)

Hopefully the video will show it well enough to explain it better than I probably have.

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Non uniform scale is bad and should be avoided.
Nomad detects that it can do better with the box by changing the y size primitive.

It’s a bug.

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Im curious, why is it bad? I’m wondering if it’s bad for the program or bad in practice - a dirty habit I may have?

If possible, it’d be nice keep the scaled value instead of resetting the number to the original scale? It would make it easier if it kept the numerical scale for making further adjustments.

Example: if I scale one axis from 60 to 48 and it resets to 60 (but it’s really 48) then it would make it hard to change it to, let’s say, 45. I could validate the primitive and it seems to keep the value as desired but then I lose the ability to change the topology’s division as a primitive.

The main reason is that “keep density” in primitive isn’t respected anymore.

Because the transform is not a similarity transform then: Similarity (geometry) - Wikipedia
It will be an issue for tons of algorithm if you don’t take it into account

For example

  • in Unity for example: Unity - Manual: Transforms
  • in Blender if you Sculpt with non uniform scale the brush will be skewed as well (so basically it’s broken)
  • in 3dCoat, same as Blender the sculpting brush is skewed
  • in Zbrush, I suppose they don’t support transform, so problem solved
  • Forger, probably same as ZBrush
  • if you have non uniform scale in a hierarchy, it can easily lead to skew (which is worse than non uniform scale)
  • but also animation, collision, etc, basically anything that can act as vertex-level (you can always make it work of course)

I wouldn’t be surprised Nomad is the only sculpting app that can support non uniform scale and correct sculpting.

Note that until ~octobre 22 non uniform scale wasn’t even allowed in Nomad on validated mesh.
Before that the bake was automatic when non uniform scale was detected

And when it was added in Nomad, there was lot of subtle bugs here and there (mask extract, voxel, layers, some brush tools, etc). Also the performance hit on sculpting was rather big.

That being said, january/february there was lot of improvements.
Most features should work fine now and the performance difference is negligeable.

You should use the primitive handlers for that, not the gizmo.
For manual input, you can tap on the small circles directly (the middle one for the size).


Ah, I see. Thanks for the time and explanation. I really appreciate you and your work :pray:t4: