Mirror movement option after validation and no zoom when adding primitives

I really enjoy the mirror option whenever you insert a primitive or tube. It’s nice to be able to move one and the other one moves in conjunction but opposite. I wish this was a function or feature for when you apply symmetry, you can give it the option to move and the applied symmetry will move in mirror as well. Also one thing that gets on my nerves sometimes Is when you add a primitive and it zooms in on that added primitive. Sometimes I have my sculpt arranged against a reference image and I want to add the primitive and the zooms in and takes me out of my arrangement. I know I could insert a primitive but most of the time I prefer to add it because it centers it.

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If you select SYM for the newly created objects then the two mirrored objects move as you describe.
Version 1.48 allows background image location to be saved with each camera. Simply add a camera, transform the background image & hit save to update the camera. You can then rotate around the model and always return to the save camera & background alignment.

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Thank you but not the same. They move around a center access. Basically, it’d be nice to control one and the other mimicked. Example, I block out arms and want to move the arms up or down from the shoulder. In primitive mode (not validated), I can move the gizmo to the shoulder and it controls that arm from the shoulder and the mirrored primitive acts in the same manner. Once validated, they move in opposite directions but around a center origin no matter where you place the gizmo to pivot.

Looks like a bug, it seems the pivot is ignored when “sym” is enabled with gizmo.

It seems to work on one side of the symmetry, maybe try the other side.

@Robbie_Morris 1.49 is live. It should be better now.

I still need to make some improvements.
Gizmo should be moved directly on one side when enabling symmetry.
Masking should be better handled as well when computing auto gizmo position.

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Thank you so much!