Gizmo alt mode = move pivot

Thanks for the latest big update, it has a lot of features that I immediately used.

For the gizmo alt mode, I think switching to “move pivot” would be better than the current behavior (switching to “world transform” mode)
I switch between pivot and transform much more often than world/local which I toggle only occasionally (and I was guessing more users might)


Actually I was thinking about changing the world mode behaviour.

Instead it would be a « sticky » mode where the gizmo doesn’t change position when you switch between objects. Still experimental but the web demo has it nomad - WebAssembly

I’ll think about switching pivot/world

interesting I’ll check it out!

I switched the widgets position and it’s indeed better when using shortcut.

(right it needs to be polished as if you release the key before editing the pivot it’ll move the object)

Thanks! Seems really intuitive to use. I think the new “world” mode can be quite useful, haven’t quite figured out the best usage of it though. Maybe it needs a new name, but haven’t figured out one either :slight_smile:

With world gone I think there should be some new button in the gizmo menu though like "reset pivot translation to world " and “reset pivot orientation to world”.

Works nice now! With the new “Pin” one can transform an object using another obect’s pivot.

For the future, maybe a cool addition to the Gizmo feature set would be if every object had a “base pose” which it can return to.

For example a character could be modeled in the “T-Pose” then a button (multiselect all bodyparts, “store base pose”) would be clicked.

Then it can be posed and at some later point (mutiselect all bodyparts again, then “reset to base pose”) return the the T-Pose.

It’s basically an animation track (technically with just a single key frame), but that would be the most compatible way to do it.

Not the same but you can instance all your hierarchy at once. If mostly do sculpting you can sculpt on both separate pose.

Exactly, or the other way around, not sure what makes more sense (base pose as the default transform and every gizmo interaction on top would modify an ever changing keyframe)

Good idea about the instancing, it can be used for all kinds of stuff.