No more “world” option for gizmo in change log?

I’ve looked at the change log and tried the web assembly with the new gizmo but I’m a bit unsure about the change to it. I often find it helpful to edit the pivot for an object in order to move it or scale it in a certain way, but then at other times it is much more useful to switch the gizmo to “world” to adjust the object. I often like to switch back and forward between my edited pivot and world pivot. Would that ability be lost with the new version? In the new version we can edit the pivot, and we can align the pivot to world orientation, but if we want to switch back from an aligned pivot to our edited pivot, can we still do that? We can reset the pivot, but I don’t think that’s the same as our edited version.
Maybe I’m not understanding the new set up, but it would be a shame to lose the ability to switch between a world orientation and an edited pivot orientation.

Edit: maybe a clean alternative could be, - when you click the pivot button, instead of 2 choices (reset and align), there could be a third choice called “custom”, and this would move the pivot where you edited it to; this would let you switch back and forth between “aligned” and your custom edit, but the “world” button would still have been removed from from the left hand column, helping keep the interface clean. Just a thought.

Good point, ideally object center (“elbow” for the lower arm object) and pivot (“transient transformation helper”) would be separate things.

It’s a bit tricky to present that understandably in the UI, also there’s a separate pivot for vertex mode it seems which would make this even trickier :slight_smile:

Hi, I’ve just added an edit to my post while you were typing - maybe that would be a solution?

My first idea was two functions “use current pivot as object center” and “reset pivot to object center”. Latter would use the current implementation (bounding box center) if no actual object center has been set yet with the first function.

Didn’t quite understand the toggle yet you mentioned I’ll try to do some fresh thinking tomorrow :wink:

For now I simply put back the “align” option (“world” was not a good name).

Currently there is only two pivot per object:

  • the mask pivot (if there is mask on the mesh and the gizmo is on vertex)
  • the object pivot (used otherwise)

“pin” is not linked to any object, so it’s like a global pivot but when you disable pin it’s gone for good.
Also if you select multiple object, there’ll be a pivot assigned to this particular selection.

I’ve just tried it again on web assembly: it works great. I think “align” is a good term, slightly more intuitive for new users.