Moving Pivot Point?

Hey guys,
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I’ll get right the case,
is there a way to move the pivot point?
For example: I have masked out my characters body, leaving the head unmasked. Now I want to move the pivot point of the Gizmo the the bottom of the neck to be able to rotate it from there.
Is this possible already? If so, how?
I haven’t really found it yet :/.

Thanks for the help


It seems to be possible only by playing with the “vertex” switch below the rotation increment slider. However this is only theoretical since it is glitchy, inaccurate, and you are displacing the object and not the pivot, which is not very convenient.

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Moveable pivot point is not there yet but it is planned.


I was wondering this very same thing recently.
Good to hear it’s on the list of things to do. :pray: