Edit Pivot Rotation

Dear Stéphane,

Happy New Year, I did not congratulate you on the new year. It will be a great year to Nomad Sculpt.

I am wondering why it is not possible to rotate a Pivot point in Edit Pivot mode. I remember it was working for me before the latest update. There might be a way around it that I am not familiar with. But using the gizmo while editing the point, it is not possible. By the way, thank you for fixing the reset pivot point! It is flawless now.

On another note, Is it possible to add mask Grow and Shrink buttons! I think this will be very useful when working with masks next to the blur and the sharpen buttons.

I am happy to see Nomad Sculpt becoming popular! Keep it up

Many thanks,


I think I have resolved it, I have to click on local to make it work!! Apologies for that Stephane. I hope this would help others.

Still would love to have Grow and Shrink buttons :wink: