Reset Edited Pivot and Units System

As usual, the app is proven to be a great piece of software that is eliminating the needs for other software day by day. I really can’t wait for the upcoming rendering update.

I am wondering if there is a way to reset the edited pivot to be centre again? I am intending to use it for posing my characters?

And recently I have been working on importing and exporting meshes from Nomad Sculpt to other software and I am not able to get my head around the units system in the app. Any guidance on this or is it possible to add a ruler to allow this?


The default sphere and most primitive in Nomad have a size of 1 by default.
There will be a simple measure tool in next release.

You should select « auto » on the left.

Hello Stephomi, Thank you for the reply. The measurement tool would be really useful. With regards to the Pivot point inquiry. Auto would centre it to the selected mesh but whenever I go back to Edited, the pivot remain in the last used edited location. I would like to be able to reset the Edited Pivot to edit it again and use it in another location, if possible?

For example in the image below I have a character that I would like to pose. I want to pivot the shoulder point to move the arm, The edited point is in the pelvis joint for posing the leg, the auto would bring it to the centre of the arm. Moving the edited point in this case is simple and would work but it becomes annoying with complex geometry and multiple moves of the edited point, Unless I am missing something.

Ah indeed you can’t reset the custom pivot.
When reworking the EditPivot UX I was thinking about whether or not toggling “auto” should reset the custom pivot but eventually decided that it should not.
I don’t mind resetting the custom pivot but I’d like to avoid adding another button though.

By the way you can quickly set the gizmo center by taping on the mesh.
It will move the gizmo in the middle of the first 2 intersections (so if you tap on a cylinder, it will be moved on its center).

However… I just noticed this feature is broken ahah.
Basically it only works on the last mesh in the scene list.
So… technically you can move the shoulder at the bottom of the list and voilà :slight_smile:.
I’ll fix it for next release.


I think it would be pretty cool if the custom pivot (and the mode custom/auto) would be stored for each object, and then recalled when the object is selected, then you can just select arm, pose arm, select leg, pose leg

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Haha That would be great! But to work with it that way, I need to make sure that my meshes are properly named which happens rarely :rofl: :rofl:

Is it possible for resetting the custom pivot point to make it a long touch ( 5 seconds) for example? No need to add a new button.

Thank you for the support Stephomi :smiley:

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That would be awesome! Like that! Good suggestion. I think this could be a big improvement for operating pivots.

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