Pivot per object

Not a real feature suggestion, just throwing an idea out there maybe worth discussing …

If pivots were saved per object, it would make posing faster (if the joints are modeled separately). For multi selection, the pivot of the first selected object could be used, as such it could be used to pose a chain

But not sure if it would make interaction more confusing over all…

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I was just roughing out eyelids from trimmed spheres and lamenting that custom pivots aren’t saved per object.

I noticed the custom pivots are saved but you have to select the objects from the hierarchy otherwise the pivot will snap near your finger/pen .

Oh wow, really? I would totally turn off the single-tap custom pivot setting for that.

In fact, I’m going to. I can’t think of a time that ever wanted to move my custom pivot via something so clunky as a tap.


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Thanks to you

I totally forgot about this option :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Teamwork makes the dream work.

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Ah yes the gizmo tap thing takes over when changing mesh.

I’ll change the behavior so that it won’t happen when you tap something that isnt the current selected mesh.

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