Gizmo pivot mode issue: pivot position changes on one object when selecting and changing pivot for two objects together

I have two objects in the scene. Change the custom individual pivot on one then the other. Then select both and change the pivot for both together. Then select one of them again just to see the pivot and the pivot has moved to a random place.

If I don’t change the original individual pivots they maintain correctly when changing the pivot of the two objects together.

I just want to change the individual pivot of objects then move them together and have them maintain those pivots…
New user here, so maybe I’m doing this incorrectly?

Yes it’s a bug, fixed for next release.
Basically if you are in custom pivot mode, you can change the pivot in a single-tap.
This feature is only active if the mesh is already selected.

The bug is that it’s considered “selected” even when it’s part of a multi-selection (it should not).

Gotcha! Thanks for responding so quickly!
I searched the forums but hadn’t seen my specific application of the issue…
Incredible app by the way!