Pivot Settings or QoL request? Auto, lock, precise world position

I can’t find a setting for this, but is it possible to set “auto pivot” to off by default?
It’s frustrating that every time I sculpt, work on a different object, then come back only to have the pivot readjust to the new geo even though I had unselected Auto.

Honestly, I’m not sure why I would ever want that option as a default instead of just a “center pivot” button.

I’ve been working on a 5-sided symmetrical sculpt, and 5-sided radial is nigh impossible to achieve accurately in this regard, or at least when starting from a 5-sided cylinder.

Other Quality of Life improvements would be:

  • Lock Pivot until I say otherwise

  • Set pivot to exact world coordinates

  • Match pivot of one mesh to another mesh

  • undo pivot adjustments

I think these changes will take Nomad from a supplemental tool to my full-time sculpting software. Especially when it comes to the precision needed in hard surface work.