Positioning Problem in Nomad Sculpt

Bug reports
When positioning, the pivot / anchor jumps.

If you can replicate the bug with a simple scenario, can you test on nomad - WebAssembly to see if it happens again?

As for gizmo pivot “not working”, I don’t think you understand what the pivot checkbox is used for.
It’s not moving the object, but simply the gizmo (useful for off-center rotation)

With the WEB version it is rather worse. I know that the pivot is not to move. I thought the pivot is an anchor - a handle - the center.
But this can not be moved sensibly with the INSERT / CLONE function. In the video I test both versions in parallel.

I just fixed the issue with “move origin”.

As for the behavior of Insert it works as expected (on the web), it insert the mesh at its center.
Gizmo center or mesh transform is ignored by the Insert.

I probably won’t change the default behavior, but I’ll try to add an option for the Insert tool to use the gizmo pivot as anchor.

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Respect :fist: for your absolutely great and hard work and thanks for the nice conversation.

Insert is now using custom gizmo pivot in Nomad 1.57 (not sure if it will solve all your issues though).

Thanks for the opportunity to move the anchor!
I will make a tutorial on Youtube to show others the possibilities.
But I would still have suggestions for improvement.

Problem: The object to be cloned can not be locked. It always jumps to the inserted object.

Problem: In combination with the Transform Tool / Rotation it is not possible to rotate only around 1 axis - it rotates around the anchor - so it is not possible to rotate on a surface.
→ In the Transform Tool a selection of the rotation axis would be helpful in the Insert / Clone Tool.

Why must the cloned object be validated ?

Why does the symmetry have to jump to ON every time ?

Thanks again for your fantastic work !

Nomad Sculpt is the only app where I don’t get angry about a problem, but look forward to the next improvement !
The app is an inspiration in combination with an Ipad…

Mirror is on because it respects the “Sym” icon on the left (insert tool).
It doesn’t re-use the mirror settings of the base object (not sure if it should, because the behavior wouldn’t be consistent with non-primitive object).

Because of the whole mirror thing, it’s an annoying thing but will probably change in the future.

Locking rotating axis would make things too confusing imo.
Transform tool is meant for free transformation, not really per axis rotate.
The way to go is simply to disable rotate, and manually switch to Gizmo afterwards.