In version 1.72 new objects are inheriting the same pivot location and scaling as previous object

My iPad just updated to 1.72 and I’ve noticed an odd new behaviour when adding new primitives. If the gizmo tool is active when a new primitive is added, then instead of being added at the origin, the new new primitive is added at the current gizmo pivot location; even odder is that the new primitive inherits any unbaked scaling that has been performed on the previous active object. Here I have added a box, done some scalings to it (unbaked), then edited the pivot location. In the next picture I add a sphere, and you can see it has been added at the previous pivot location and with the same scaling applied. Is this a new intentional behaviour (it could be quite useful in some situations) or a bug? BTW none of this happens if the gizmo is not the active tool when the new primitive is added. Thanks.

It’s a bug, it’s already reported.

Thanks. I looked through the recent posts but didn’t spot it. Nice new video about making a chain- now that we can change object alignment/rotation on curves it will be so powerful and useful.

You should look at the Discord channel, this is more where things are discussed…

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You can also check the pending changelog Nomad Change Log - #48 by stephomi

I don’t write everything but if it’s a noticeable issue, I’ll usually write it.

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I find if you unselect all objects then add a new primitive it will not be affected