Just had axis scale handles disappear from the transform tool

I know this happens with multiple objects selected or clone enabled, but I only had one and no clone:

App restart seems to have resolved it for now. Was I just missing something?

That’s because you are in “pivot editing” mode (check the pivot icon on the left).
Scaling pivot doesn’t make sense.

I’ll add a sticky message on top when pivot editing is on.

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Ah, okay. Thanks. Is there a way to get into pivot editing mode without hitting that button? It’s possible that I hit the button inadvertently, but I don’t really have my hand in that space, so it seems unlikely.

I ran into the same issue again last night, too, and I don’t think I’m hitting the button, but now I know to keep an eye out for it.

No tapping the button is the only way to activate this mode.

There is a small bug with the left bar but it only happens when you you can scroll it (it’s not your case since your screen is big enough).
The bug typically occurs with Insert or Trim, when you want to simply scroll the bar, but it activates a button when you release the scroll.

Note that there is indeed a bug when multiple objects are selected (missing scale widgets).
But unrelated to the edit pivot behavior though.

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Roger that. I’ll be more careful with my hand placement. Thanks!