Scale won’t work after latest update unless multi-touch is deselected

Move works fine in multi-touch and so does rotate but scale does nothing with finger and iPad pencil. As soon as multi-touch is disabled scale works fine as before.
The gizmo works ok though

That’s not a bug, the Transform tool with “multi-touch” enabled is meant to be used with 2 fingers.
So you scale with 2 fingers (pinching).

There’s a little UX trick in that you can use one finger with Translate in case Rotate is disabled.
I forgot to add the similar logic with Scale: Scale with one finger if Translate and Rotate are disabled.

Thanks. I thought I was just scaling everything as you do on the screen with two fingers to place/move objects. Maybe there is a less confusing way this could be done? Still love your software. I got caught out by the “trim bug” too though, but I read the other post re: the workaround.
Thanks again and keep up the good work!