New "free transform" tool

Another strange little idea I had, because I find Nomad’s camera navigation really intuitive to use, I was thinking why not have the exact same kind of interaction for object transforms as well (2 finger move, roll and scale, let go of 1 finger to rotate)

On the tool option side (side toolbar) there could be 3 checkmarks which would enable or disable translate, rotate and scale separately.

Not sure about the next thing, but I think the 3 transform tools could even be removed in favor of this, so the overall UI amount could be reduced.

Btw congrats on the new release, makes a very nice start to the new year!

Yes it’s something I had in mind since a while.

I also find the rotate/translate/scale mostly useless now.
The rotate one was probably the most useful one but with the new gizmo this advantage is gone.

In case it went unnoticed I extended the gizmo functionality with free-rotate capability.
You need to press the gizmo sphere (avoiding the other handles).
Then it will act similarly as a free-trackball rotation, when you add a second fingers you can then roll-rotate.
Most of the time I only use this newly introduced free-rotate mode instead.

The new gizmo is very useful, also with the grey circle roll, didn’t notice the 2 finger roll yet. I agree the MRS tools are duplicates now and they could be removed.

Ah one thing I forgot to add … It could be useful if the Gizmo and other transform tools were excempt from the “finger always smooths” setting

Makes sense.

It raises the question for trim/project/split as well.

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Hey thanks for implementing it so quickly!

Not sure about trim, project and split yet. I believe they don’t use multitouch so it can’t hurt to leave smooth-by-finger on for occasional smoothing in these modes