New "free transform" tool

Another strange little idea I had, because I find Nomad’s camera navigation really intuitive to use, I was thinking why not have the exact same kind of interaction for object transforms as well (2 finger move, roll and scale, let go of 1 finger to rotate)

On the tool option side (side toolbar) there could be 3 checkmarks which would enable or disable translate, rotate and scale separately.

Not sure about the next thing, but I think the 3 transform tools could even be removed in favor of this, so the overall UI amount could be reduced.

Btw congrats on the new release, makes a very nice start to the new year!

Yes it’s something I had in mind since a while.

I also find the rotate/translate/scale mostly useless now.
The rotate one was probably the most useful one but with the new gizmo this advantage is gone.

In case it went unnoticed I extended the gizmo functionality with free-rotate capability.
You need to press the gizmo sphere (avoiding the other handles).
Then it will act similarly as a free-trackball rotation, when you add a second fingers you can then roll-rotate.
Most of the time I only use this newly introduced free-rotate mode instead.

The new gizmo is very useful, also with the grey circle roll, didn’t notice the 2 finger roll yet. I agree the MRS tools are duplicates now and they could be removed.

Ah one thing I forgot to add … It could be useful if the Gizmo and other transform tools were excempt from the “finger always smooths” setting

Makes sense.

It raises the question for trim/project/split as well.


Hey thanks for implementing it so quickly!

Not sure about trim, project and split yet. I believe they don’t use multitouch so it can’t hurt to leave smooth-by-finger on for occasional smoothing in these modes

awesome works exactly as I was hoping! A few final tweaks I’d propose: Scale is quite sensitive, I think about half would be exactly right. (The same I was thinking about the other tool, the normal gizmo, where the rotate speed should be half . 1 rotation would be = 1 circumference length on the tangent so it roughlymatches the grey circle rotation)

Another idea I had, would it make sense to have pinching transform in screen Z direction if scale is off as an option? It could be confusing in ortho mode though

Thanks for the latest speed up of this tool.

There’s one final very minor thing with finger nav when using this. When starting rotating the camera with 1 finger outside of the model, then this finger comes within the model bounds while navigating, and then a second finger comes down inside the model bounds, then the object scale is started. I think in this particular situation (since its still during a cam nav gesture) it would be better to scale the cam view instead of the object.

This only happens to me when using old scale tool, which I only used once per accident. With new gizmo there are no problems like you described.
Is there anything why I should explore other navigation tools? Sorry to interfere, but I was just asking myself a few days ago after I had the problem you described. The new gizmo and finger control can be a bit challenging, is that a reason?

Agreed, will be fixed on the next release (the one after 1.41).

There is only 2 navigation tools: Gizmo and Transform.
Previously it was Gizmo and 3 different separate tools (and they were pretty useless in my opinion).

But the new Transform tool, personally I use it all the time, I’m really happy with how it works.
However you really need to use 2 fingers with it, with a single finger you can translate, rotate and scale.

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In case someone misses the old tools, I think they can be recreated by saving tool presets from the tranform tool with only one of the S, R ort T options active. These works with 1 finger IIRC, that might make sense with small devices where 2 fingers might be an issue

Wait, are tool presets in now?

/edit: omg how did I miss that? That’s huge!

/edit 2: update not available for me yet on iPad. Weird. :confused:

Oh man…we get brush presets now?!

What a great update :grin:

I have a (final? :blush:) small improvement suggestion, I find the scale speed for this tool too fast, I think a few versions ago it was slower then it got faster again not sure. About 1 cm finger movement already about doubles/halves the size ( I’m getting this effect on Android, don’t know about Apples)

I think about 1/2 or 1/3 of the current sensitivity would be right. Maybe what could work best if it were possible to control the sensitivity of the scale operation with a slider.

Yes it’s 4 times faster than what it should be (iPad).
Same issue as camera movement being too fast on Android as well.

I fixed it in

Thanks, that was fixed faster than I could click the reply button in my suggestion :smile:

Seems the right speed now. Pretty amazing also that I could test it in my phone browser.