Stylus sculpt only

For those who enabled the option “sculpt with stylus only”.

Should it apply as well to:

  • tube tool (creation and edit)
  • lathe tool (creation and edit)
  • measure tool
  • gizmo tool
  • transform tool
  • insert tool

Same option for the “finger always smooth” option, should it be triggered from only the “sculpt” tool or also from the ones above?

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Ok… - if I have only stylus enabled on the Ipad, I assume that I want to make all precise movements with the tip of the stylus.
So in my opinion it affects all tools and the gizmo.
I don’t know if this thing affects the touch point. When nodes are close to each other, like with the Tube Tool, sometimes inaccuracies occur. (or the radius node is confused with another node…if they are very close to each other).
With the Gizmo often the input of a value appears(WebDemo), although I do not want to enter a value, here the control with the Pencil would be good and a touch with the finger only opens the value input.
I personally never use the smoothing with the finger.

It shouldn’t happen, the app snaps on the closet point.

Yes, stylus only should mean stylus only. So that way the behavior would be consistent across tools.

I was recently trying to use transform tools to align several parts and I had to constantly switch to other tools so that I could navigate without moving parts. It’s not the end of the world but it can be annoying.

Consistency is good, but:
The transform tool makes no sense with stylus only, it’s function is all about two finger input and it’s possibilities, isn’t it?

My personal usage:
Transform Gizmo, I find myself feeling comfortable to use fingers as well.
Sometimes tube is done with fingers, but snapping makes it hard, so pencil most of the time.
All other tools are pencil only here.

I never use “finger always smooth” It feels not precise enough.

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My use is exactly same as Knacki, especially using the transform with two fingers - seems. more intuitive to be able to move in 3D space using fingers instead of pencil.

And yet this is the exact tool that gives you biggest issue of the model is filling the screen, cause then you cannot navigate since fingers are transforming the model.

Maybe a fast switch or shortcut to enable navigation only. But then again, you can easily switch away to another tool so…

I do believe consistent behavior is especially important for new users as they might think the current behavior is bugged.

Overall this whole thing is mostly a non issue, would rather see some new big features. App is great as is i guess.

It’s a bit tricky but you can interact with the snap cube.

What means - interact with snap cube ?
What is - snap Cube ? The View Cube ?

Yes the view cube if you prefer.

Transform tool is most underrated tool. Me I also forget it very often but there is nothing quicker and more intuitive than the transform tool for loose scattering of objects in Nomad.

Consistency back and forth, if it makes no sense than break your own rules! Navigation cube helps and stored views help as well, so what :vulcan_salute:

And yes, nothing of these finger - pencil stuff ever really bothered me. It’s already cool like it is :vulcan_salute:

Transform tool is the exception I would say, as it is built to use multiple inputs. Gizmo for stylus

Now if there were a ‘Use Keyboard + Stylus’ option, I would probably disable all touch (including navigation with fingers) to prevent additional unwanted movements (except when Transform Tool is active)

IMO, “sculpt only with stylus” is to prevent inadvertently sculpting with imprecise touch input while trying to make a camera move. Especially a sculpt stroke you might not notice until it’s too late to undo.

It feels like the tools listed above are more “UI” than sculpting, and are less susceptible to that problem, so I could see them accepting non-stylus input, even with “sculpt with stylus only” enabled.

I also think that trackpad/mouse input should be considered a precise input, able to do most/all of those things, even with sculpt with stylus only enabled.

The problem/confusion might be the simplicity of that setting. It covers a lot of functionality that doesn’t necessarily go together. It might be worth adding a third section, “Canvas UI” (to differentiate it from like, UI buttons) to that area of the Gesture settings.

Trackpad cannot be differentiated from finger input, unless I’m doing something wrong it seems to me there is an iOS bug.

When I test in Procreate the “finger only smudge” feature, trackpad automatically smudges as well.

Trackpad/mouse thing aside, I’ll add an option for gizmo

Capture d’écran 2022-10-19 à 23.05.03

That’ll help. Thanks!

Weird that iOS can’t differentiate between finger/trackpad, since the gizmo highlights on mouseover (and presumably there isn’t a finger “hover” state).

The best practices on this page seem to suggest the OS can differentiate via the Pointer interactions API, but I seem to remember (incorrectly, maybe?) you saying at some point that the way Nomad is written, you don’t have access to all of the OS APIs.

Found the issue, I need to add an option in the app settings so that it differentiates the inputs.
Otherwise it was detected as finger.

If you want to distinguish between pointing device touch events and touch events from other sources, like the user’s fingers or Apple Pencil, you can enable the UIApplicationSupportsIndirectInputEvents key in the Info.plist file. With this key enabled, your app can respond to specific gestures targeted at touches of UITouchTypeIndirectPointer.
For more information, see UIApplicationSupportsIndirectInputEvents.

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