1.57 multi-mesh gizmo scale ipad


It appears I can’t scale multiple meshes at once using the gizmo tools anymore since the 1.57 update (using ipad). There is a new snap function but I can only scale a single mesh at a time using the gizmo tool now.

Has the function being moved somewhere else, or is that a bug? And does anyone have a good way to scale multiple meshes at once under the current version (other tool)?

Anyhow, you’re app is awesome, keep the good work and thank you in advance.

Just made a quick check on my mobile. The overall scale ring is not there. I tried numerical input. One of three objects disappeared. Strange things seems to going on there.

Yes it seems there is a bug indeed.
Note that numerical input with multiple objects have never worked though.
The bug is only the missing scale widgets with multiple objects.