Gizmo and model problems

I was wondering if there was an bug with the gizmo and symmetry tool. Because it no longer mirrors the objects movements it just moves it to one side or the other. Also I am no longer able to separate combine models like In earlier versions which makes reusing old models nearly impossible. Is there a setting I’m missing or are these just bugs.

You can separate joined objects - select in the hierarchy, hit 3 dots to the side and then select separate :+1:t2:

To make the objects move to/from the mirror line, object symmetry must be selected at top of left hand menu

The thing with the symmetry and the gizmo was a bug.
If something doesn’t work anymore, then it is advisable to also recheck the same function in the web demo itself. If it works again in the WebDemo, then it will be ok in the next version.

Thank you for the response I was looking everywhere for the separate button and it was hiding in plain sight.

Thank you I will check the web version to see if it happens there.

If the bug is still there, add a screenshot (with the symmetry plane displayed).