Trouble with gizmo behaviour with multiple axes of planar symmetry

I’m getting confused with the behaviour of the gizmo when multiple axes of planar symmetry are active. I’d appreciate any help.
Screenshot 1 shows an object with x and y world planar symmetry active.

If I use a tool like the move tool I can move one of the tips of the shape, and the other 3 tips move how I would expect (image 2). X and y symmetry are maintained.

In screenshot 3, I switch to the gizmo. I have edited the pivot point so that the gizmo is centred on the top right tip of the shape. As you can see, the central part of the shape is masked out. World x and y symmetry are both active.

If I now use the gizmo to move the tip of the shape something weird happens. Symmetry works correctly across the x axis, but y axis symmetry is ignored (screenshot 4).

However, if I have ONLY y-axis symmetry active, then I get proper symmetry on the y-axis (screenshot 5).

Basically, the gizmo works as expected if only one axis of symmetry is active, but not when more than one is active. (This happens whether symmetry is set to local or world)
Does this mean the Gizmo can only have 1 axis of symmetry at a time? In that case it might be best to “grey out” the other axes once one has been selected.
I’d appreciate any help - perhaps I’ve made a simple error, but I can’t work out what. Thanks.

It’s a bug, it also happens with transform tool.
I’ll check if I can fix it.

Edit: fixed for next release (also added radial symmetry)

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Great, thanks!