Problem using gizmo on mirrored/duplicated object, i.e. legs

I’m creating a little creature and just added the left foot and leg. What I want to do now is duplicate it and position it with the gizmo tool.

I activate symmetry->world symmetry, I click on reset world center, because that’s what SouthernGFX always does in his vids, then I mirror the left foot to the right (enforce symmetry by mirroring mesh") and all is good. When I use clay/… tools on the leg with symmetry enabled, everything works without problems.

When I use the gizmo tool on the leg, most operations will work but some operations give a very weird result. ten minutes ago, pushing the legs upward would push the original leg in the right direction but the mirrored leg would move in a completely off direction. Right now xyz movement works but if I rotate the leg, the other leg gets rotated + elongated. Another time, I wanted to move the legs closer together, but the left leg got split and half of it moved left and the other half moved right, as if the mirror plane was suddenly off center… Now, after writing this post I tried again and it seems that everything works correctly. I have no idea what setting I might have changed…

Is the gizmo just kind of buggy when using it on duplicated objects with symmetry enabled? Or am I not seeing a crucial setting (and keep changing it without noticing?)

(also, i had my legs overlap at hip height, and when I move them apart now with the gizmo tool, a bit of the overlapped part of the left leg is pulled to the right and vice versa so I get a thin layer connecting the one leg to the other that is not supposed to be there. the legs are not merged, only mirrored…)

(if it wasn’t obvious from my post, I’m very new to this app… :wink: