Transform Gizmo - scaling two axis at once

A feature I miss quite often.
Maybe I have overseen an option?

It is a bit tricky without cluttering gizmo controls.
One option could be to touch “XY move” and tap/ hold with second finger on screen.
More icons could be critical due to overload.
A second option could be a switch between normal gizmo and scale gizmo.
Some more ideas for an elegant solution?


Actually you can only scale on all the 3 axis for an uniform scale with the gizmo. Instead scaling on 2 axis at once like XY or ZY it’s only possible through the gizmo settings, unchecking the “Uniform Scale” option and changing the values of X, Y or Z (see picture below).
Anyway, an additional option could be really useful. Maybe a single tap on any of the axes, triggers the selection so you can select the other one and scale simultaneously.

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