Is there a way to scale an object along one axis?

I found the scale tool, but is there a way to scale an object along one axis?


I figured it out. Use the gizmo and drag on one of the balls (they look like dots or small circles).

#1 grab one axis of the scale gizmo. If you want the opposite side staying in place, move the pivot to opposite object boundry. Lets take this O as a sphere. If you want to scale Y on top only, place pivot on bottom of O before scaling, means here _
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#2 use numerical input in Gizmo options matrix


Awesome. Thanks.

Using the Gizmo tool, select the ball and move it. It will scale along the axis.

Also, in the Gizmo’s tool menu, scroll to the bottom and you can manually input a value for more precise scaling. You will have to uncheck “Uniform scale” to scale on only one axis.


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And with moved pivot

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And just to help other noobs: once you’ve chosen the gizmo it appears at the top of the screen as the current tool. Tap on that to see the tool options (including the transform matrix).

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How do you “place pivot”?

Thanks again.

This little guy:


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