How do I evenly distribute boxes?

Hi There

I’m following a tutorial where the snap option is set to 1 and using the gizmo, the user is able to move a box that is cloned, by the width of the box. Whenever I enter a value in the snap function, I am not able to move in any direction with the gizmo. It only allows me to move when I don’t have snap activated - and moves the box as far as a drag it (not a uniform distance). What am I doing wrong?



Quick and easy way is to ‘Add’ a ‘Repeater’ array

Could you post a link to the tutorial, thanks

Never used gizmo snap function before but it seems to work, just need to make sure it’s set to 1.0 (default is 0.1) 1 being the default object unit measurement

Have you scaled the box down in size beforehand? This might make it seem as though you can’t move it, because it is much smaller than the “1” distance you entered into the snap function. Just a thought.
(As with Steve, it seems to be working ok for me too)

I assumed ‘1.0’ was relative to the object itself but it is relative to the grid, so you are right Jim, if it has been scaled then it will be tricky to get an exact distribution without exact grid scale reference

If it has been scaled then it should show in the gizmo matrix then use whatever scale amount to drive the translation amount (should also work within the snap function once you have the scaled value)

Interestingly, even if you bake the object scaling in the gizmo settings, the “1” figure in the snap settings remains absolute and linked to the grid, not the object dimensions.

Thanks - issue was that I scaled the box!