Lost object noobie question

While moving my objects with gizmo I must have moved too far, the more I looked the farther it went until they were out of sight. Repeated tries, turned off the app, reloaded app and reimported saved version but it was lost there too. The objects are listed in my scene so I know they’re there, somewhere. Is there any button that will snap an object back to the center of the screen from wherever it is? I would find that useful, because I’m a klutz with gizmo.

Did you maybe scale it down by accident???

Select your object in the list
Click on the gizmo options … and check all the xyz settings

If the translation is off you can set each to 0 to get it back to center
Or the scales to 1

If its not that … and that doesn’t work … then I don’t know really.


What does the transform values look like (gizmo menu)?
Tap on the mesh in the scene menu to make the camera focus on the object.
We can’t help you if we have no information (small object? Far away? Etc)

Yes! I tapped it in the scene menu and it appeared! Thank you very much. My biggest stumbling bocks usually need the simplest answers.
Congratulations on creating such a wonderful app. I wish you great success.

Thank you, problem solved. I appreciate the fast replies.

Note that you can also tap on the snap cube to focus on the selected mesh.
And if you press again on the cube, it will focus on the scene instead.

Good to know!
I could probably use a Nomad for Dummies book.