World center

Don’t know if I’m missing it. I have learned quite a bit from this forum and user videos. What I would like to know is there a way to snap an object to world center? Sometimes, when I import, the model is off center. It’d be nice to select and object or multiple scenes and snap them to world center rather than trying to guess with the line. Really love the program and the new features are phenomenal. Can’t wait to see what you do next.

Using the Gizmo tool, go into it’s menu. Scroll down to “Move Origin”. Use that and it’ll move your object to world center.

Thank you! I can make it work. I guess I wish it had the option of world center on individual axis (x, y, or z) instead of just all to world origin. Not sure if that makes since. Like, I import an object in to a scene and it’s off on x but exactly where I need it on y and z so I could chose move to center in x and it snaps to the left or right to center.

You can do this easily. When you snap it to world center, you’ll notice the Translation numbers will change (refer to my previous screenshot).
These numbers give you the amount of change applied on each axis.
Reset the axis you need to 0 and it will be back at it’s imported spot on that axis.

Again, thank you so much.