Lost added scene object

Continuing the discussion from Add to scene creating new project while in a saved project:

I have an object, and tried to add-to -scene another object from a different scene. The new object is nowhere near the original object…i can’t find it. They are both there and i can find each…i just cant get them both close enough to see and use gizmo to bring them together.
Hope that makes sense.

Bug reports

Can you select one of the objects and use the gizmo’s “Move to Origin” feature to get them close?

Yes, thank you…i got them together. But I must have messed up somewhere…one is huge and the other super tiny.
Good to know that gizmo feature, much appreciated!

Not a bug, moving it to #lounge.

Add a primitive in your scene to see what’s big and what’s small.
The default primitive all have a size of 1.
Ideally you want to stay in that range.

Thank you, yes I must have inadvertentlyp enlarged one. All fixed now.