Cant find my object in scene

Hi im new year i started a few days ago.
I never encountered this issue on my last sculpt but after adding a new object ( eyebrow like things made from sphere ) cant be found on the scene tab
i cloned it and it still cant be seen
it just goes to select another object
am i missing something or is this a bug?

thank you

You probably need to uncollapse “arm 1”


I actually hadn’t realised that a collapsed group becomes highlighted when an object inside it is selected. The color change is very subtle. (On my screen it looks much more subtle than the photo above) I’ve also had this issue of not being able to find something; or sometimes I select an object on the scene menu to delete it, not realising that an object in a collapsed menu is also selected, and end up deleting them both by mistake. Now that I know about the highlighting of the group I won’t do this again; however, it might be helpful for people if the highlight colour was a bit brighter/more obvious, as I suspect many people haven’t noticed/realised what is happening.

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oh god i didn’t see that
thank you

yeah i wish they would at least show something that says" click to collapse"