Scene tab and Trim tool

Tried going through all of the other requests and didn’t see these in there, though I could have missed them.

The first would be a button at the top of the scene tab for making everything visible or invisible. Just as a bit of a time saver. Mostly for when starting a new object when there are numerous others already in place. It makes it easier to sculpt and rotate without the camera not clipping behind, or inside of other objects. I can spend quite a bit of time going through and making each object invisible (or sometimes the closest ones), sculpting something new (often with multiple objects),and going back through to make them visible again. Not the biggest issue, but a small thing that I would use quite a bit.

The next could go right next to the first button, which would be to select/deselect all objects. Again, just a time saver kind of thing.

One request that I could have used recently would be a Bézier curve for the trim tool. Still possible to make what I wanted without it, just would have been quicker as an option.

Otherwise, so far, this program is awesome. Not sure yet what I’d need to sculpt to really push it to its limits.

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Did you try to use the « Isolate » checkbox in the scene tab?

Honestly, no…lol. Never even saw it there. That does partially do what I was needing though. And yes, you can select multiple objects with it enabled, but you can’t move just one object independently now or use any of the other tools with multiple objects selected.

Using my previous two sculpts as an example, the wasp had over 170+ objects before I quit counting (and I’m still not done with it yet).The current police goblin/gremlin is at over 50 objects. If I wanted to focus on just one “part”, let’s say the helmet (which has about 12 objects currently), I’d be spending a lot of time making a majority of the objects invisible, getting what I needed done, then that same amount of time making everything visible again. Versus hitting one button to turn everything invisible and turning on just what was needed at the moment, then hitting a single button to bring everything back. Even with group visibility (once that becomes possible), I’d still be turning multiple groups on and off for each “part”. It’s still doable without it as an option, it would just be a much quicker way to do it with it there.

Ah it’s a bug.
The Isolate button will be moved in the bottom shortcut bar as well.

170 objects is a lot and the simple list widget was not really designed with that in mind.
Grouping will certainly help. I would need to make the group collapsible as well.

No worries. Like I said before, this is already considerably better than what I was using previously. I’ve been working around it fairly decently so far. Plus, I just seem to be the anomalous case that seems to be using so many objects to get what I want done. I’ve been enjoying it either way.

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Well you are not the only one as the grouping features has been requested several times :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m also thinking about moving the « primitive config » stuffs inside the topology panel (since it’s mostly empty for primitive and it has a certain logic).

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I can see the reasoning behind that one. Since the most recent objects are usually at the bottom of the list, it hasn’t really been much to scroll and use them for now.

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