Transform and then scale?

I have read the manual, but I have not figured out this is possible.

I have added a cylinder, rotated it into place, but then I find out that the cylinder is to short, so I try to use the Gizmo tool to scale on the length axis, but as the Gizmo is not rotated when the object is rotated, the object gets deformed and not just longer. Is there a way to get the gizmo to “transform with the object”, or do I just need to unlock the gizmo, and then manual rotate the gizmo?

Edit: it seems that I can’t rotate the gizmo, only move

You need to choose Local on the left hand panel - that will position the gizmo on axes that are aligned to the cylinder. This is also where you can edit the gizmo rotation but you shouldn’t need to in the case of a primitive.

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Ah super - I did not see that little local button, I thought I have looked everywhere:-)

Thanks Bezzo

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No problem :+1:t2: