Object shrinks when rotating

I have a plank (elongated cube) that I’m trying to rotate lengthwise 180 degrees, but every time I rotate it, as soon as I let go, the object shrinks. I’ve tried many times with both the gizmo tool and then I tried uaing the Transform tool with only Rotate active, and it still shrinks. Then I tried going in small increments, but it still does it. Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this? Thanks!

Can you record a video?

Check if you have a layer with low intensity activated.

Thank you for your reply, Stephomi. I went into Gizmo settings and scaled my Gizmo as small as possible, and the problem went away. For a test, I tried setting the Gizmo to large again, and it still doesn’t do it, so the problem seems to have fixed itself, in both the Gizmo and Transform tool. There was only one layer in the file at the time, so no layers with low intensity,