Why does this object distort when I move it with Gizmo?

I’ve created this piece by trimming a sphere primitive (projected on sphere) several times and then created the 2 holes by vowel merging with an invisible cylinder. Now when I move it with Gizmo it distorts, but I don’t know why. I’ve had this issue before, but I had just remade the object and the issue seemed to disappear. Now that it’s happened a few times I’d like to know what I’m doing wrong. I think the distortion looks vaguely like the masking I had done at an earlier stage so I’m not sure if that’s part of it. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Does it happen if you don’t use the invisible cylinder as boolean subtract?

I’ll try remaking it without the invisible cylinder, it’s too late to just go back as I’ve already saved it as is. Is this kind of distortion common with Boolean subtract? Thanks so much for offering help.

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Not sure, the distorted polygons coming out are pointing toward where the cylinder is, it’s still there technically because it was merged just invisible. Just wondering if it was something to do with that. Stephane will be able to diagnose this properly when he’s available.

The distortion actually points at the original spot the object was located, its pointing down because I moved the object upwards to screenshot; it changes when I move it on a different axis using Gizmo. Here it’s pointing on an angle back to it’s starting location.

Is the mesh just one piece on its own? What else is on the scene?

Yes, it’s just one piece. It’s what remains of the original sphere that I trimmed, voxel-merged with the invisible cylinder. Also on the scene are quite a few other objects that are currently invisible. Most of them are invalidated primitives

Any chance you had one of the other invisible primitives ticked when you voxel merged the trimmed primitive + cylinder?

It’s possible, but that shouldn’t be the case because I’ve made that mistake several times before and I’ve found that it usually causes the object to appear distorted without moving it. Having done it several times before, I make sure that I only have the desired objects selected before merging; but it’s certainly possible that I made that mistake again. I’m going to remake the object and see if I run into the same issue and report back if it does. Thanks again for all your help

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Clear the mask?

The mask was cleared prior to the merge

You’re right that it had something to do with the mask. I remade the object and moved it with Gizmo at every step to see where the issue occurred and found it after the mask was applied/unmasked, but before the Boolean subtract. I used the Selmask this time and didn’t have the issue so it must have happened somewhere during the manual application is of the mask or unmask. Anyway, thanks for the help.