Mask with Gizmo?

The answer might be in front of me? … but if a mask a primitive shape… and I want to move the gizmo to the unmasked section of that same shape to only rotate or scale that unmasked section, how would I go about doing that?

In ZBrush I can mask a mesh and affect the unmasked part with gizmo. When I try this approach rather than just the unmasked section being affected the whole shape or primitive moves (with the part still masked).

Also grow and shrink mask / soften or hard mask is a feature, or not a feature yet?

You need to check « vertex » checkbox on the left (it will be renamed by useMask on next release, and it’ll be on by default).

As for soften and harden open the « pencil » top menu while the mask tool is active.

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Thank you so much for the fast response! Going over to try now

Worked like a charm!