Gizmo numerical input does not obey masks

As topic says. You can move, rotate and scale only complete object via numerical input. No masks are respected. No matter if object or vertex mode is active btw.
One could say: numerical input is object mode only?

Vertex transformation simply apply a transform on the vertices directly.

It means if you were to edit these values, it would immediately revert back to the old value since the matrix doesn’t change in vertex mode.

I might as well display 0 everywhere to make it clear you don’t edit absolute value but only delta transform.
It would need a small tip message to clarify in which mode you are but I’m not sure it’s the best solution.

Maybe I was not clear, or I don’t get your point.
One can never achieve same effect like example on bottom with numerical input. No matter which mode is selected.

If one is in vertex mode and enters a value for transformation it should obey masks, shouldn’t it?

I did understand but I explained why for now it only works in object mode.

Thank you. I was looking for a way to evenly scale X & Y but not Z. Numerical input would have been nice for it.

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Yes that would be of great help if the scaling would recognize masking. Need that basically in every sculpt