Recording Translation/Transform on Layers

I had the layers recording changes in subtool positions in one project, but it’s not working in my current one.

Are there any hidden settings or conditions that would cause it not to record movement/placement?

Great app, cheers.

It depends on what version you are.


You need to check the « vertex » checkbox when you select a transform tool.

>= 1.28

The « vertex » option doesn’t exist anymore and is replaced with « useMask ».
But if you don’t have any masking the transform won’t be recorded on the layer… I didn’t give much thought about that.

However you can always « bake » the transform in the vertex positions, which will indeed be recorded by the layer.

@stephomi I think it can be a little confusing now that the object mode/vertex mode switch is only exposed indirectly through UseMask/Vertex AND using a mask. I think it might be one abstraction too much.

Have you considered to instead make a toggle that directly switches between vertex/object mode, and masks are then used in vertex mode?

Also on this note, I noticed that right now the mesh origin isn’t taken into account, i.e. the object mode gizmo always appears at the bounding box center and when using the Move Origin action, the average vertex position is moved to the origin instead of the object origin. I think (at least for me), especially coming from other 3D software, the concepts of object mode/vertex mode and object origin/world origin are quite intuitive that shouldn’t be hidden away. What do you think?

This is exactly what the « vertex » checkbox was doing!

I‘m thinking about it and I’ll remove the useMask.

For now the most important thing to solve:

  • why my mask is moving as well?
  • why my eyes are not moving symmetrically

I’ll try something else for this release and see how it goes.

Awesome, can’t wait for the next release!:slight_smile: