Layers doesn't record scale/rotation or moving?

Hi I don’t know if it’s a bug but when I add a layer it only records the sculpting or colors not the position / scale or rotating ?
I’ve tried several times but now way to record the position of an object (when starting from T pose I think it shoud be the case because some parts are just rotated or moved in place).

It is possible, the mesh’s have to be manipulated with the move tool instead of the gizmo, it won’t record world positions for multiple separate scene objects, but one connected mesh (simple merge) and move tool manipulation and it will.

I’ve tried but nope …

I was able to do it with a Triplanar I hacked up, each piece I could manipulate freely and independently with their positions tracked through the Layer strength slider.

I found it , but it’s weird …
I’ve simple merged a cube and a sphere
Added a layer on it
when moving , doesn’t record
Masked the sphere by holding mask btn and tapping on it
Moved the cube (as the sphere can’t because of masking) and it worked even with the gizmo …
Strange but better then nothing !

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It’s not strange, you either move the object itself through a transform matrix or move the vertices directly (usually when the operation cannot be done through transform only).

If you want to force the editing of vertices, you need to select “Vertex” in the gizmo menu.


I think there’s a misunderstanding. I believe he’s talking about the use of the Gizmo not being recorded in the layer.

I can confirm that the layer doesn’t record gizmo edits and transformations.

Re-read my previous post, there is no misundersting.

Gizmo by default operates at “object level”, thus it’s not recorded by the layers (that only records data per vertex).

Thanks Stephane , it works perfectly , didn’t touch this option, was on automatic .
Great advice and amazing Software

Yes automatic will either use vertex or object depending on what you are trying to do.
The logic is that it tries to do object level if possible, and revert to vertex only if necessary (symmetry and masking, it previously worked for you because you used masking).