Animation on nomad sculpt- part 3

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Learn how to combine turntable animation with multi layers animation to create beautiful animations
Using nomad sculpt only.

Animation on nomad sculpt-part 3

I don’t know what I am doing wrong, but using gizmo tool combined with layers doesnt affect an object. Only messing with a mesh (with move, clay, flatten tool) works with layers. I’m on 1.45 version, iPad Pro.

EDIT: ok it seems work after I did a symmetry, then split a second object :o

Glad it’s worked

Just make sure in the gizmo settings
Change the (transform operation)
To (vertex)

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Gosh, mine was set up to Auto and that was the issue. Thanks! BTW, great tutorials. I’m subscribing your channel for a while :–)

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Glad to hear that :blush::+1:t3: