Nomad Sculpt - 2D to 3D Tutorial 1 - bend surfaces (V1.68 -31.10.2022)

Short tutorial on how to transform 2D to 3D objects with the help of layers and the project tool you can bend the surfaces.


This is pretty nuts (a.k.a. awesome) from start to finish. How on earth do you figure this stuff out?

Is this functionality actually intended by Stéphane? Or does it just happen to work?

Which gives me an idea: Could you start making some videos on how different sections in Nomad are working together? Apparently (at least that’s how it looks to me) you are not idling around in Nomad clicking buttons, hoping for stuff to happen. You seem to have a major understanding on how Nomad actually works (there is so much more than just knowing the function of single buttons). I think tutorials about the backstage stuff in Nomad would be really cool.

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Stéphane doesn’t like everything I do with Nomad Sculpt, but since I only use Nomad Sculpt, I’m forced to make the app do things Nomad Sculpt isn’t really designed for :wink:.
I’ll keep making videos like this, of course…


Indeed great to have your short video to understand better tools.
This video is awesome.
Could tell us where it’s possible to find additional brushes like « smooth all » and other please ?

Not sure to understand correctly your answer (if this video is your answer). On the video for bend a surface I have seen Smooth_all. Is it the same brush as round_all one ?
I think you have the possibility to upload the brush setup.

Yes, both brush tools are the same. In the zip archive are the brushes, just copy them into the tools folder and restart Nomad. (4.4 KB)

Thank you very much Holger

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