Gizmo tool moving/scaling masked areas

Hi! I used to be able to move and scale solely the unmasked part of an object using the gizmo tool. Now the entire object is moving.
I saw another topic about the gizmo not automatically being centered on the unmasked area… is it related ?


The thing about the gizmo auto-centered on unmasked is unrelated (make sure to be on the latest Nomad version: 1.68)

As for your concern: you probably changed the gizmo target by accident.
On the left you have a button with auto, vertex, object or group.
Just leave it to auto (or vertex, which is the default behaviour when Nomad detects mask on your mesh).

(also: make sure you have a single object selected, if you have multiple object, transform mask/vertices is not possible)

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Oops my bad… Thanks for your help!