Parts of mesh get stuck while using gizmo

Hello, I’m sure I’m missing some simple solution, or some button I left on accidentally. I have made a face comprised of a few components, all made symmetrically (pictured here is an ear with the rest of the components hidden.)
Once I had finished Sculpting I simple merged my components and started to reposition the head with the gizmo. By the time I caught all of these errors, I had moved on quite far. No amount of undo taps was able to get me back to before I had moved the face.
I have managed to fix the visible issues this time with the move tool and voxel remesh, but I would love to understand the problem so I can avoid it in the future.
Any help would be greatly appreciated,

The video is unfortunately much too short … But on the object are still parts of a mask active - delete the masks on the objects

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Activate mask tool, tap on top menu bar mask tool icon, choose “clear”.

Or hold mask shortcut and make a stroke on canvas to clear mask.

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Thank you both, was definitely masking issue. Clear mask trick will be the new go to going forward. Cheers