Separate Shapes

New user. I have been figuring out the program, and I have a decent understanding of what I need for now. The only thing I am confused by is with the shapes. When I add a primitive, I cannot move it without moving my original shape, even though it is on a separate layer. This makes it extremely difficult to move something into place or zoom in to detail it properly if it is not made with one shape. I also cannot seem to zoom into a shape without having it move out of place, even the original one. Can anyone help me or give me some tips? Thank you, and have a wonderful day!

Hi, I’m going to take a guess here, one object shouldn’t move with the other object unless you simple merged them, selected both, or manipulated both under the same layer, maybe someone else will chime in if I’m missing something.
As for the second part, make sure the object you want to zoom in on is indeed selected, and your in perspective view, that’s about all I have without pictures

Maybe you panning the screen, cuz if you are, all of the objects you add onto your scene will move, but if you know the gizmo or transform tool they are the one suited to move specific object you tap/choose. BTW that’s what my understanding of your proposed problem.:upside_down_face::v:

To be honest, I doubt anyone completely understood your problem.
Shape - do you mean tubes?

It‘s a good idea to make a short video about your issue. If it‘s < 5MB you can post it directly in here.

You move a shape only by using the « gizmo » or « transform » tool.
Otherwise you move the camera.