Box primitive inheriting previous box scale

Bug reports

-When I add a new box (not validated)
And scale it down
Then add a new box
The new box will be scaled down as the previous one.

-It’s only happened with the box primitive .

-Also if I add different primitive after I scale down the first box
The second box will be fine.

Nomad sculpt V 1.47
iPad Pro

It’s not a bug, when adding a primitive it reuses the parameter of the currently selected primitive.

But when I try it with cylinder or the sphere
It didn’t
Is there is
An option to enable/disable it?

I tried it with cylinder and it does work, not sure what you tried.

No option to disable it.

Ok I understand it now

When I add the cylinder I scale it down on the x axis
Which is don’t have a slider on the cylinder primitive setting that’s why it wasn’t applied to the next cylinder.

But if I scale it on the y axis which is the height slider on the cylinder primitive setting it will apply to the next cylinder.