Help: Transform Tool

If I use the Transform Tool only with MOVE and in addition the Clone function, then the cloned object rotates from copy to copy.

This happens only because the copy is always created from the copied object.
I always have to manually select the original, because the Lock function does not stay with the original.

The pivot was changed in the original in the position.

Why does the object rotate ?

Insert Tool - the same problem with the rotation.

Is it possible to change the order of the tools in the Transform Tool when the Rotation and Move Tool is active ?

At the moment the Rotation Tool is at position 1 - so you rotate the inserted element when you insert it !
Better would be Move Tool at position 1.

If the object has a custom gizmo/pivot and if Snap is on, then it will always auto aligned to the surface (according to its pivot).

I’m not sure I understand what is the issue.

What is “position 1” :thinking:
If you don’t want to rotate, disable rotate button.

Otherwise, it’s only possible if rotation is restricted (so if snap AND custom pivot is used).
For the unrestricted rotation it’s not possible because rotation needs both 1 and 2 finger gestures.

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I don’t mean the rotation function of the tool, but the copied object rotates by itself around the y-axis when cloning.

My goal is to copy / paste the objects equally aligned on the surface - how do I achieve this without radial symmetry?

Radial symmetry is perfect for this use case, you won’t find something better.

Otherwise enable rotate and do it manually, you are expecting an automatic solution to a problem that is no trivial (outside the cone/primitive use case).

No, it doesn’t rotate by itself, and that’s the reason why it feels wrong.
The object is only aligned according to the surface normal.
You want an additional tangential alignment.

In your specific cone case, many method to compute a tangent could work:

  • align according to principal minimal direction of curvature
  • using topology edge as a guide (only if clean quad topology)

But in the general case it will go wrong easily.

An alternative is to align accordingly to the gesture, but it’s not really automatic and doesn’t really offer advantages over enabling rotate (similarly to how alpha are rotated when you do a brush stroke).

Here see below with an alignment relative to the principal surface curvature.
I don’t plan on releasing it, it raises too many issues.

Thank you very much for the detailed answer.
The test with the Cone was actually not the original problem.
I wanted to position individual scales on a snake using the Insert Tool / Clone.
Unfortunately, you have to rotate each cloned scale individually because it is not inserted aligned with the body.
The radial symmetry doesn’t work with a sinuous body in space, unfortunately.
Your test video: alignment relative to the principal surface curvature - would this function work for the scales and the snake ? I think so …