Object Aligning Function

Does Nomad Sculpt have the function of aligning different objects with each other with high precision like the 3D creative software on the PC side? If not, I hope to add it in a future update.


No, there is no align function, and yes, this would be useful.
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The insert function can help though, if you want to place one object on the surface of another object.

-Select the object you want to place.
-Select transform gizmo
-Choose pivot
-Move the gizmo to the bottom of your object,
-exit pivot
-Choose insert tool
-with your object still selected, choose clone from insert menu

Now you can place multiple clones on other objects.
No replacement for align, but I helps sometimes.

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Thanks for your help!
I would try according what you suggested.

Note that you can input precise value if you go in gizmo menu (at the bottom).

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Thanks! That will help!

It would be absolutely awesome if you could push the values in the Gizmo Matrix with the Pencil.